Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, May 6, 2011

Food for Friday: Fish Tacos

albertitas fish tacos

There are two things that are pretty regular when it comes to things I like when eating out. One is sushi and the other fish tacos. I've been meaning to do a series of posts on both. Finally I'm getting started I hope.

Fish tacos around here tend to be prepared either grilled or fried. I find the type of fish used matters more than anything. I'm constantly hunting to find new places that can outdo other restaurants. So with that I give you fish tacos from Albertitas in Gardena, Calif.

The fish tacos there are decently priced. I went with the combo plate. The rice and beans were good and the chips were fairly crisp. I will say their salsa for dipping was hot but not bad either. I am glad to say the fish tacos were pretty darn good. The batter appeared to be corn based and not too oily. The salsa and cabbage were fresh and they give two pieces of decently sized fish for each taco. They only put a little mayo on though.

Albertitas is an interesting place. There is a drive through and a walk up with a couple tables. I did have to wait a few minutes at the drive through but it was because they were making the tacos right then instead of having them sit around. Which is fine with me.

I have heard Albertitas has been around for a while. Since their name on their sign has faded away I would guess that is true. Despite the appearance, they have great food and I look forward to going back again! Just remember, if you go, take their address since you can't see their sign.

Albertitas is located here: 16323 South Western Avenue, Gardena, CA 90247-4633

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