Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Daiden of Zojo-ji Temple

Zojo-ji 17

Really, the most impressive thing at Zojo-ji is the Main Hall or Daiden. The night before I went for a walk without my camera. I walked through Sangedatsumon and saw before me Daiden all lit up. The scent of incense was in the air along with the sounds of drums.

Zojo-ji 16

Behind Daiden Tokyo Tower was shining with colored lights. I walked up the steps with others and looked inside.

Zojo-ji 26

For there was a presentation of dances which were performed during the time of the Shoguns. Truly amazing and special to see. The interior glowed with the lights shining off of the gold ornamentation.

Zojo-ji 23

Zojo-ji 25

Zojo-ji 22

Zojo-ji 19

If you do go to Tokyo and decide to visit Tokyo Tower, try to walk across the street to see the temples that the Shoguns use to worship at. It is worth it.


  1. You need to visit this place on New Year's Eve. It is rockin'.

  2. Thanks Al, I have heard that. It sounds amazing. I wonder if they will have fixed the top of Tokyo Tower by then and have installed more LED lights.