Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A stroll in Akihabara

Chuo Dori, Akihabara

It's kinda hard to describe the place in words or even photos. Video would be better, but for now, I have photos.

Some of the different sights we saw after leaving MOS Burgers.

You can't help but look up. Tall buildings, lots of signage. Guess what is in this one?

Even some of the architecture was interesting.

Even way up high there were strange things to see (I was waiting for this to blast off up into the sky)

Yes, strange indeed.

But one is reminded, this is otaku heaven.

Even at street level there are interesting things to see. I'm not sure but my first guess was these are the hours you can walk around with your alien.

You can see all kinds of people in Akihabara. From students...

...to maid cafe employees.

There are all kinds of things one can buy.

Like cable

And Hello Kitty gravy.

In front of almost every building there's some person hawking whatever is inside. It's times like this that I'm glad my Japanese is limited.

Even lower down there is stuff to see. One is reminded this is Electric City where you can buy items from vacuum tubes...

to robots.

While Akihabara may be otaku heaven, there is still fashion.

Where some let their hair down, or in this case up.

In a way, Akihabara is a giant art exhibit.



From the large old school commercial

to the small and personal.

(this is one of my favorite photos)

And sometimes resulting in interesting juxtaposition.

But one can't forget this place caters to the otaku.

Yes indeed.

But as we made our way out of Akihabara (sometimes it's confusing as to which way to go)

we are reminded of the beauty that is part of Japan. The river Kanda.

From March, 2008

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