Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sakura, Sushi, Sake, Sweets

I'm gonna post here a few photos that I hope I haven't posted before. Mostly of sakura blooming around Taito and of some of the food stuffs we got while staying there. One of my favorite things about Japan is the fact that bento is found in almost every market. And you can get stuff like these..

Like many things there, packaging inside of packaging is happening.

But never fear, the Ryuk cookie is here. I wish I had bought more, they were good!

Not to be outdone, the purchasing of the yummy panda cookies was also done.

Just part of one of my meals, which includes the three important S food groups. Sushi, sake and sweets.

Speaking of sake, I'd like to have this vending machine installed at my apartment building. Thank you.

And oh yes I did. Verily.

I did eat real food. I mean where else can you get grilled salmon, tempura, tamago, veggies and adorable kamaboko for 368 yen?

One thing I did not eat. A Sakura Burger from McDonalds. Where they lace everything with teriyaki sauce. This thing changes it's name depending on the holiday. I will admit to eating a filet o' shrimp sandwich. Once. I think it would have been good with a Cup O' Sake.

And now for some random sakura photos from around Taito. I checked my journal so I don't think these were posted before.

Next up is Shibuya. From March, 2008

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