Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playing in Akihabara

I don't know if I ever mentioned I once had a pretty good racket going with beating UFO catchers? At one time I had a big basket full of fuzzy fluff, but donated all but my platypus to charity. True story.

Least you think I'm making this up, let me offers some tips. First, which of the three machines above is the best for getting a plushie?

Left? Small plushies and packed pretty tight. Vendors pack the plushes in so they tend to catch on other plushes and are difficult to grab. A machine with loose items is much better. But it's "Rilakkuma" you say. "Exactly" I say.

Right? Um, maybe. They are piled pretty high there, less having to deal with the lifting aspect. However they are really small and do not seem to have any loops such as tags or yarn. Too small and they slip through the claws which usually do not close all the way.

Middle? Larger plush and piled high next to the drop opening. Heavier since the Fluff are oval and shape and likely to roll. Which leads to another important note, getting a prize involves not just picking up but sometimes pushing the prize towards the drop opening......

But I digress. Back to our day in Akihabara where we just finished off a bit of tasty sushi.

where outside a trio is enjoying some refreshment (I so want a Japanese female to explain to me how they can stand walking around in spike heels and tiny shoes all day)

Walking along Chuo Dori I spy a familar figure...

"What's this I" say in my best Jack Skellington voice. "Could it be?"
(yes I passed on Skellington squeeness but that is another story)

oh my goodness, what could be down there?

Should we keep going down?

Perhaps the Fifth Child knows?

Ah I think we have made it to the end of the arrows. Nerv Center Ahead!

Yes you too can play pachinko on a machine graced by your favorite Neon Genesis Evangelion character. In a smoke filled, music blaring room. While I love messing around on pachinko machines and wanted to see a parlor for myself, this was not my scene. Plus as sneaky as I am with my camera, I felt a graceful exit was in order.

So we left waving goodbye to Rei...

and Asuka. And yes I do believe...

They are Paper Moon dolls.

Going back out into the real world I see something that rings a bell.
(no not the kitty girl or the cute chibi tiger)

Pachinko parlor was a bust, but maybe, just maybe....

Only in Japan do they fill their machines with kawaii and strangeness. Wish I had played for the Moyashimon characters, but there was something I was more interested in.

So to get back to the original question as to what UFO machine was best?

After a couple attempts at some blue fluff, I ended up with a two for one as they rolled down after I pushed one towards the drop.
Left catcher machine was temptation intentionally, set-up with small, tightly packed items. Right machine would be easier except the plushies were a little too small and light. Middle? Score.

And what was the object of my desires at Taito?

I can has Love Bunny now plz.

From March 2008

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