Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A place I'd like to go to again

From March 23rd, 2008, in Kyoto. Seems like such a long time ago.

Looking out the window of the Ryokan in Gion.

You can see the mix of old and newer buildings quite well here. Many parts of Japan that we saw as traveling are like this. One thing missing here though is laundry drying.

We walk to the subway station a few blocks away, get off at Nijo Station and then board the train for...

Arashiyama. This is just outside the train station there.

But why did we come here? Was it this museum just outside of the station? Nope.

So we walk.

Past interesting old shops

And beautiful blooming ume trees.

To Volks Sato.

Just outside their main building.

Inside the lobby.

The other side of the waiting area, opposite the Tenshi display. The view to the garden is wonderful, even on a grey day.

Here we waited for our interpreter (a Volks personnel who offered to do this for us when I mentioned we were going there) to arrive. While waiting, a really nice lady was putting her dolls away. She asked us in Japanese if we spoke English, too funny! We said yes and turns out she is with the Jet Program teaching about 15 minutes away from Tenshi no Sato. She was originally from Oklahoma and very nice and I forgot to ask her name! But found out later so all is good.

I did not realize it was Easter until I saw the display.

So we walk up to the second and third floors and enjoy the displays of all the dolls. It was amazing to see all of them, including the new Kyoto Dollpa dolls. Getting to see all three Momokos in the same room, plus all the others was something I don't think I will forget for a long time. No photos are allowed there, but we did find another set-up somewhere else

This is from the fourth floor observatory hall, looking over the gardens.

Some may know this already. This was originally the home of the artist Seiho Takeuchi. Below are some of the buildings from when he lived there. The further out ones are so small that taller people have a very hard time getting in there.

Vivid ume trees still blooming.

One of the smaller buildings.

Up in the cafe.

It must be lovely here when the sun is out.

Will post the garden later today. Thank you for looking and if you are in Northern Japan, please be safe.

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