Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Ryokan in Tokyo

The photo above are decorative tiles in the Andon Ryokan. Sorry about the angle, it's a B photo so it's taken from about six feet above ground.

I've got to post this first. One thing I wish I could have looked at more cars while in Japan. I find it is very interesting to see what people drive while traveling. In Cairo it was Turkish made taxi cabs everywhere. In Japan it was the mini cars, trucks and vans. And some cool vehicles like this one that was parked near our ryokan every day.

It's a Mitsuoka Viewt. Mistuoka is a small specialty Japanese auto maker. I think I also saw a Orochi drive by when we were in Kyoto. Once one sees one it's hard to forget. These cars are not cheap.

So this is where we stayed. I like all the green glass.

Nice touch with the stone lantern. I want a stone lantern now that I think about it.
A note about the bicycles. Most people do not lock them up. Or their doors. Because stealing is not common in Japan. One of the things I love about the country.

The Andon has some really beautiful items used for decoration in places like the stairway and the jacuzzi room. This lovely kimono hung next to the tiles at the end of the hallway on our floor. They helped give color to the place. I wish I had taken more photos but there wasn't much light.

So we made it to our room on the third floor. Four tatami mats big. I should explain. While the Andon is advertised as a ryokan, it's because of the traditional bedding of futon and that they offer a paid breakfast I think. Otherwise it's basically a backpackers place. Comparing this to our room in Kyoto which was only 6 tatami mats, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with Andon although I don't have the experience to compare it to other places in Tokyo.* I don't think it's the staff's fault, but the people staying in the rooms had no concept of the fact that people liked to sleep at night. With a building made of hard surfaces, noise is amplified. A four tatami room is a bit small for two people also. I know the place is made to be discount and not to be lived in, but it was dark and cold. The room in Kyoto was small also, but felt enormous and brighter and homier after the one in Tokyo.

*Noting here that I've been to Tokyo two more times since 2008 and there are many other places one can stay for about the same money or just a little more. With bigger rooms and less noise and your own bathroom plus closer to stations. I stayed at Andon on the recommendation of two different people who did like it. Maybe there were less people staying there when they were there?

You can see how dark it was during the day in this photo. Nice effect with the lighting under the rooms. If you note that the rooms were elevated, it made for less height in the room which made me feel uncomfortable standing. Maybe if I had been in the room alone I would have feel less crowded? I can't say.

On the plus side I will say the staff was very good. It was nice to relax in the private jacuzzi. And one could buy breakfast there, which was a definite plus.

What B ordered every day. Yummy breakfast. Scrambled eggs, toast, grilled tomato, pickles, orange slice, potato salad, green tea and the Japanese version of bacon. Yup, no crunchy bacon in Japan (well, I don't know if they do at McDonalds). Too bad B ate that every day because he missed out on this...

French Toast Set. With a side of scrambled eggs. I'm not a bacon eater so this was my choice with a different side each day. Itadakimasu!

As for Mikey, he planted himself in front of the tv where he found great fun in watching a bit of anime.

Death Note and D.Grayman, doesn't get much better than that!

From March 2008

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