Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, April 8, 2011

Nijo Palace, Kyoto, Japan

Ah, finally made it to March 24th. Our time was very limited while in Kyoto, so besides Volks, there was only one other full day for siteseeing. So many things to choose from! Since we had made it to Nijo Station the day before, the decision was made to go to the nearest major location near there.

One of the things I miss badly from our trip are the subways and trains. Crowded at time, warm at others, and stairs 0.0
But the ease of getting to where we were going, after deciphering things out, makes me feel like here at home we are so behind the times and our modes of transportation are antiquated.

To get to our nearest subway station we just had to go around a corner and up a couple blocks. I had trouble orientating myself to the fact that the stations were underground for the most part but on the map were drawn on top of the streets. I know, regular subway users will wonder why we had problems with this. We still did okay.

Once we arrived at Nijojo-Mae Station (which only took a few minutes) we found cases there displaying artifacts from the place we were visiting. This was either part of a well or a casting of the inside of it.

So we go up to the surface and what do we see?

We are dutifully impressed. But wait, this is just a corner tower.

There is also a moat surrounding that impressive wall.

We walk along side and see this massive gate. It is called Higashi-Ote-Mon.

So we buy our tickets and embark on our own little tour of Nijo Castle, or Nijojo.

Walking across the moat to that gate.

The backside of that tower. The grounds and gardens here were gorgeous, I will have a second post later dedicated just to them.

The area between the wall and the buildings right there was immense. The grounds and buildings cover 275,000 square feet.
Between these two buildings is a gate.

Kara-mon (gate) which leads to Ninomaru Palace which is where the next post will start.

From March 24th, 2008

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