Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Mixed Day in Tokyo

So the day after we went to Setagaya I met-up with a friend for lunch and B went back to Akihabara because he had to find the robot store. So I left him to figure out where he was going to go (was the only time he had to do that, I did all the figuring for the rest of the trip. At least it gave me a lot of confidence finding my way around Japan).

I made my way on the subway to Nihombashi where I met-up with a friend. We had a very nice lunch and chat.

The area of Nihombashi that I saw was very business-like, lots of people rushing here and there. Even so, one could see lovely bits of nature like these transplanted sakura trees.

I wasn't planning on going to Ginza during our trip but my friend gave me such good directions I decided to try it. Two stops later and I was at the swankiest shopping area in Japan.

The buildings and stores in the area by Ginza station were very impressive. But I had directions to a specific place in Ginza.

Volks Ginza Tenshi no Sumika. Glad I went because the store is now closed.

Excuse the doll outfit photo, but I thought it was very cute.

I didn't take many photos because our day was really not going to start till later that evening. I headed back to the ryokan and tried to rest while waiting for B to return. We then headed out to another enormous place....Tokyo Dome.

Since we didn't know if they would allow cameras, we didn't bring any. Probably as well since it was raining off and on while we waited in a very long line for a very long time with a lot of very interestingly dressed people. We finally got in and found our seats after getting some not so great food. It was my first shrimp sandwich ever. I will say that the food vendors at Tokyo Dome rock in getting orders done quickly. They put event people here in California to shame.

So we ate and drank and waited and waited and waited in this huge place that was almost completely filled with people. And why were they there?

Yeah we got this weird idea that it would be fun to experience a music event while on our trip. Yoshiki and all decided to accommodate us by having their reunion while we were there. Wasn't that nice of them? Just kidding about that. I did get to see Yoshiki and Sugizo perform with S.K.I.N. last year so this definitely was an event that I knew would be spectacular. And it was. It was amazing how much the crowd was into the show, the sound was excellent, and the use of LEDs to recreate Hide on stage performing with them worked out really well. Sadly the show was late in starting and Yoshiki collapsed on the stage at the end. Turned out he was exhausted. Other than that, compared to other concert experiences I've had, for an arena sized venue, this was extremely well done.

We headed back to the Taito area after the concert and experienced our first "sardine" subway ride. I'm amazed at these guys, how even when there is no room they still push their way onto a subway car. We made it back okay and since we hadn't had much to eat that day (the sandwiches at Tokyo Dome are kids meal size) we got lucky. It was late but a Korean BBQ restaurant was still open. With the grill in the table we had fun cooking and then eating various things. It was a very good way to end a very long day.

From March, 2008

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