Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kyoto, March 2008

(going back to early evening of 3/22)

So we were at the Yasaka Jinja Shrine where we walked over to Maruyama Park that surrounds the Shrine. I had seen torches from the street below so being of the curious nature I wanted to see what they were about...

Turns out they were in front of a restaurant, where many people were gathered. So we walked over there.

Where we discovered two Rickshaw drivers waiting there, with the most beautiful Rickshaws, black and chrome...

laquered wood and red velvet.

Just what were they waiting for? We had been told about a rickshaw parade that occurs about this time of the year.

Ahhhh, that is who they were waiting for.

Two maiko! Maiko train to become Geiko in Kyoto. These two are still in training based on their colorful kimono, kanzashi, make-up and hair-style. Even so I marvel at how they can walk in those Pokkuri. Later I discovered they are hollowed out from the bottom.

They take a look at their rides.

Are they hesittating?

Oh no, they are going back in!

Wait, they seem to have changed their minds.

Oh that's why, can't leave without their purses ;)

Up into the rickshaw.

eta: This is maiko Toshiteru!

Away they go to be part of the rickshaw parade for Higashiyama Hanatoro. We did not know what that was at the time. It is the Kyoto Flower Lantern Festival where hundreds of lanterns line the streets in the area at night.

eta: and this is maiko Miyofuku

So off we went also. I definitely know now what to look for if I visit Kyoto at this time of the year and won't miss seeing the lighted lanterns of Gion.

(Originally posted April, 2008 on another site. Reposting to back-up original and in case someone might be interested in seeing these photos again)

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  1. Thanks for sharing !
    Japanese also are interested in Maiko-san's Kimono. Those are pretty special w(*゚o゚*)w ♪

  2. Wow! That's plenty of shots you got of the maikos. Great! :)

  3. I've seen photos of Miyofuku before - she has the most horrible teeth I've ever seen in my life. LOL!

  4. Great post... loved the idea of the maiko forgetting their purses. Nice one.

  5. Thank you Anzu, Lina and AdelaideBen!