Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Host and Hostess clubs of Gion, Kyoto

Old with new, electrical and phone cables everywhere. Stacks of signs, some with names like "Agitating Point".

Strange. People don't talk about this when they mention Kyoto...

Prince and Princesses? I'm starting to figure it out.

Signs all over the place.

Like this one, Girls From Dusk, Boys Till Down.

And The Beast Chucky 666

Early evening, groups of young men gathered in front of some buildings. Later, young women, some dressed in those outfits from the stores quickly walking down the street.

More young men, more "newer" buildings...

in suits...while it's not odd to see Japanese men dressed up and stylish, to see them hanging out like this...


Yes, Gion, Kyoto is has more to it than maiko and geiko, tea houses and cherry trees. Gion is one of the places for host and hostess clubs. In fact there are way more of these clubs than the other.

After dark the streets of Gion are filled with taxi cabs and expensive cars. Business men, yakuza, wealthy men gather here to be entertained. It was so odd to see very mature men carrying flowers, gifts, walking with younger women. Also a few of those young men out with their "dates". People all over the place. I realized taking photographs might not be the proper thing to do. So just a few of the lighted building signs.

After dark in Gion, it's best not to look into cabs, you never know who may be in there and with whom.

From March 2008

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  1. At least they look somewhat "classy". The few hostess clubs in our town are rather shady establishments.