Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gotokuji's Maneki Neko

Finally the reason we decided to see Gotokuji Temple.

This is the gate which leads to our destination.

The underneath of the gate. Everwhere you look there is something interesting to see...even when you look up.

Another shrine...I watched as two ladies rang the bell and went through the steps. I decided to do it also. Afterward, one can go up to the shrine, slide a small window open and drop offerings inside. My main wish was that my kitties back home be safe and okay. And why did I have that wish here?

Because this is the Maneki Neko shrine! This is the inside of the shrine. Who knew the kitties liked to drink so much sake?

Display to the left of the Shrine windows. Even the mouse is making an offering to the neko. I'd love to know if they have any festivals here, it would be fun to attend one.

Around the side are a few other shrines.

My understanding is the water is for washing hands as a way of purifying one's self.

Right by this was a stand, probably the most photographed thing at the temple.

Gorgeous paper cranes on the side of it.

Yes, lots of Maneki Neko. Of all sizes. Some appear to have been brought from out side but others could have been bought at the temple shop at the gate.

Maneki Neko are suppose to bring good luck, especially to businesses. There are various interpretations such as protecting money, bringing in customers, but overall I think it's always nice to see the friendly kitties beckoning one to come in.

And that is the Maneki Neko Shrine. I wish you all well!

I thought I would try submitting this to the J∙Festa. It's a round-up of different blogs about things in Japan. This month's J∙Festa is about places in Japan. Take a look, there are many different ones listed.


  1. thanks for participating in j-festa. a great choice for the theme. i've never seen so many maneki neko's in one place. :-)

  2. Thanks for this great post about Manekineko! I discovered this place too on last october but it was a rainy sunday and couldn't see all these manekinekos :(

  3. This temple looks really cool.
    Although, I may have missed it, but you're not saying where it's located.

  4. Thanks Reesan, Manekineko and David @ Ogijima!

    David, you just have to check out my other couple of posts on Gotokuji to find out that Gotoku is located outside of Tokyo in Setagaya. One of the stations on the Odakyu Odawara lines is called Gotokuji which is not far from the temple.

  5. I see you're from the South Bay.... Nice. I am the soul of Japan.