Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting outside of Tokyo

There are some places I went to on this trip that I hope to go back to. Kyoto to explore the temples, gardens, Gion, Harajuku because one day was not enough, and this place....

Curious yet?

Thursday we hopped on a subway, did a couple of transfers and found ourselves in the Setagaya area outside of Tokyo proper. One goal I had on this trip was to have each day be in a different area. After the tall buildings of Akihabara the day before, Setagaya reminded me of a smaller city. We walked from the train station into what appeared to be the heart of the town. Dennys, McDonalds, Family Mart, and lots of local stores. But this was not the goal of the trip.

Don't let this guy fool you, the place was friendly towards us. I'm not sure what it says but my guess is these are barriers they put out to stop bicycle riders. Or he just wants to give you a friendly hug.

Clutching my not-to-scale map we walked along the town streets by shops and lots of pretty flowers and trees, hoping we were headed in the right direction.

I love how even in the smallest of areas people would grow the most lovely plants and flowers.


The day started out cloudy but luckily the sky cleared a bit.

But least you think this town was all rural, it was not. Our walking took us along a street of shops, some with really creative artwork.

I think this was at a children's school. Poor rat was so outnumbered, lol!

Because this place is really all about the neko. Nyaa!

Shops gave way to houses and quiet neighborhoods and a business here and there. I like the firey kanji on this sign.

Ah, we finally reached our destination. But seems we were not at the right part....so more walking and very funny directions from an older man who told us "Left!" while pointing right. The little kids thought it was funny too. He was nice.

So just what is this place and what the heck are all the cats about?

I'll show a bit more in my next post. From March, 2008


  1. looks like so much fun. i love the uhm... i dunno what it's called in english.. the come hither cats. kawaii kawaii!

  2. Thank Tracy! They are maneki neko, also known as lucky cats. They are suppose to bring good fortune in.