Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Electric Town with Electricity

I believe we got into Tokyo on March 24th. B had been going on about one place he wanted to visit during the trip. So I thought to get this out of the way, the best thing would be to go the next day. Which we did.

I'm dividing the day up to save everyone's sanity. And trust me, I left out a large number of photos. It could have been even worse if I had not told B no way to his wanting to be there for, well, forever.

So we take the subway to the station and get out and it's overwhelming. People going everywhere, signs, lights, tall buildings with floor after floor after floor of stuff.

Giant t.v. screens, noise, traffic.

People. Seriously, unless one has detailed directions or the building has adverts plastered all over it, like the Apple store, finding things here is no small task.

See, there was a Daiso here and I totally missed it. Guess the giant Konata of 'Lucky Star' distracted me (we did not go to the temple). Funny just realized that is a take-off on the 'Girl Who Leapt Through Time'.

Anna is everywhere.

Sigh, looked all over but could not find a single sign for the building I wanted to find.

Instead we got distracted by things like these guys

And this

Please be seeing the tiny Tieria Erde on the far right behind Dynames.

In case you don't know, that was THE Gundam store, Bandai merchandise. And that is a giant Gundam model of the first Gundam, RX-78-2 I think.

But there were lots of other things, some I can't put in my blog since I would have to lock this for adult content. Did I mention it was B taking these photos inside the stores? I was too busy looking for things to buy.

However the Studio Ghibli models are safe for all to view and very very cool.

After about an hour of looking I finally asked a shop person where the Radio Hall building was. Funny thing, it was next door and we had been in the first floor. So we went up and after more buying of stuffs and accidently seeing Japanese men peeing because there was no door on the bathrom when I walked by we came upon Volks Akihabara. Which had almost nothing in it and no one on the doll side but had lots of stuff and people in the much larger model side. Sorry no photos inside the store.

More from Akihabara in a bit. This is from March, 2008

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