Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eating in Kyoto

Here is a few photos of what we did after exiting Nijojo.

Maybe I should have taken a few photos to show the contrast in the area between Nijo Castle and the modern buildings surrounding it. Instead you get sidewalk with cool bicycle paver.

We did so much walking in Japan, especially at places like Nijojo, that when one felt hungry the only thing on one's mind was food. So out we walked looking for something that appeared to be a restaurant and open.

While not a restaurant, spying the local conbi we have to take a look and pick-up a few things. And yes, everywhere you go, there are trash cans, although you have to separate your trash. It's pretty easy to figure out.
Sad the people are blocking the big ice cream cone.

Near by is this place. Turns out it is called Miyamoto Munashi and is part of a chain of restaurants in Japan. It had two things going for it. One it looked like it was open, two, the plastic food in the window looked fair and the prices did also.

Oh fun! I was hoping to try one of these places. You put your yen in, push the button of what you want to eat and get a ticket. Then you sit down and give your ticket to the server. This makes it easier to order. However, often the food is previously prepared and all they do is reheat it, so sometimes best to check what other people are eating and the kitchen first.

However this place was pretty good. B's usual Katsu Curry. All the way to Japan and his choice for most meals, curry.
This one looked very fresh though.

I tend to like a little more variety. This was pretty good, rice, miso soup, Japanese pumpkin and fish cake, and mackerel in a light teriyaki sauce. Itadakimasu!

After this we take the subway back to our Gion ryokan. Every evening when we come in we find a new treat to go with tea.

This time it is this little boat. If I remember correctly, one piece of it had cinnamon flavor, so you had to eat them together for the right taste. It was great that during our time in Kyoto we were able to eat a lot of local cuisine.

So here are my goodies from Cocos. I believe the lovely cake was rum flavored and of course the green tea Kit Kats. Interesting.
Haven't tried the Felix the Cat candy yet. Sadly the Evangelion figure was Asuka in the bathing suit (given to B), and what Gundam was in the box?

Well, it's Dynames. Poor Lockon.
Btw, Mickey's scarf is from Volks Sato. Only had one sadly, I would have bought more. It's very cute.

So that's it for now, almost done with the Kyoto photos. These are from March, 2008. Thank you for looking.

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