Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, March 4, 2011

Last of the Ginkgo Trees from Me

At least for now.

Shiba-koen 20

Shiba-koen 21

Stone owl and either a salamander or a lizard found along the walk-way. I don't know who carved these but they are rather nice. It's very common to find artwork in public places in Tokyo.

Shiba-koen 22

It's also nice to see more traditional architecture alongside contemporary buildings. These buildings are part of a cemetery.

Shiba-koen 23

A different photo of the wonderful bridge across the dry creek.

Shiba-koen 24

This woman was working on a drawing. Just beyond her was a man playing saxophone. I felt like I was having a Tokyo Times moment.

Shiba-koen 25

Just a few feet away were a lot of photographers taking photos of a couple of models. They filled the stream bed. It was amusing.

Shiba-koen 26

Something I did not know about is the hill that rises behind these photographers is actually one of the large burial mounds in Japan. This one is Maruyama-Kofun. They do not know who it was for or able to pin down a date for it.

Shiba-koen 27

And a bit more ginkgo because it's quite lovely to see sunlight through the leaves. They really do stand out.

Shiba-koen 29

Shiba-koen 30

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