Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It starts here. From March 2008

I have been trying to figure out how to finish posting my Dec 2010 trip and start posting about my trip this month. But then I realized it might be a good idea to post my first trip to Japan. Because the website hosting my posts is not doing too well and I'd like a back-up. So while I continue working on the photos from my most recent trips, here is a bit from March, 2008.

Starting on March 22 at the Holiday Inn by Narita Airport.

But it wasn't for long because it was just to get some sleep on the hardest bed in Japan (yes, we did futons the rest of the trip and that bed was harder!). Because our goal was to end up in...

So off we went on the JR Narita train to Tokyo Station. Which was the craziest place. I would have liked to explore it more, but with suitcases and empty stomachs and a short wait before the train to Kyoto, we went looking for food. Of course once I saw this place I could not be detered....SUSHI!

Nothing is as fine as watching for sushi going by at a kaiten. This may have been Genki Sushi but I am not sure since I didn't catch the name of the place. I was quite impressed by the quality and the price. ;_; that it cost so much more here in California.

I was nervous being my first time in a place like this, but it was easy to figure out how to make the powdered hot green tea and even more fun picking out what to eat. Because so many people eat at this place, all of the sushi is quite fresh. For anyone who hasn't tried this, the color of the plates indicates the price, and at the end they add up your empty plates. Ahhh, I so want to do this again.

We were happy because this was one of the things I really wanted to try on the trip.

So next Mikey, B and I found our seats on the Shinkensan Train. Because we had JR passes we took the Hikari. it was much easier than I though, and the seats were more comfortable than our plane seats. It was interesting trying to get use to the high speed that the trains travel.

And lucky us that it was such a clear day. Because we got to see something else we wanted to see

Mount Fuji. B got this photo. We were quite impressed, and it was nice to see our fellow Japanese passengers smiling about seeing Mount Fuji. Later we showed the photo to some friends and they said we were lucky! I hope so.

We made it to Kyoto Station after a very nice trip. From there it was a short taxi ride to our Ryokan in Gion. I think that was a good idea because the outside of the building did not look like it did in the photos. We were not prepared for how close all the buildings were to each other. I don't think that is such a bad thing, because now I'm home and wishing things were closer here.

But the inside of the lobby of Gion Fukuzumi Inn was nice. With a pleasant suprise of a lovely Hina Matsuri display still up and two lovely dolls beside it.

Inside our room a tea table was set-up

I found these chairs to be quite comfortable.

cute packaging for yatsuhashi, a traditional mochi and red bean treat made in Kyoto

They Ryokan owner came in and served us tea! As you can see, Mikey enjoyed this and ate all the yatsuhashi.

Okay, that's it for tonight. Hope to have more tomorrow.

I've put this post in the Show Me Japan for 4/21/11. Show Me Japan features various looks at Japan. Check it out here for this week. Here is the blog that usually hosts Show Me Japan.


  1. I so envy you being able to ge the Mount Fuji Shot. Nice. :)

  2. Some great pictures and looks like you had a good adventure!!

    Japan Australia

  3. Thank you Lina and Japan Australia for your lovely comments.

  4. Thank you for joining Show Me Japan this week!
    You are indeed lucky with that shot of Mt. Fuji - I've not gone that route many times, but when I have it's been rather hazy. :/ So awesome shot!

    It definitely looks like you were out to make the most out of your first trip to Japan (suuushiiii, hungry now!!) and I look forward to reading/seeing more. ^^)b