Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, January 21, 2011

A walk around Minato

I really liked the area I stayed in Tokyo. Even though it was mostly office buildings, there was still plenty to see. These photos are from 12/5/2010. My main goal was to find something to help with the sinus problems I had from the flight over. Turns out not such an easy task but I did really enjoy my walk through Minato.

minato 1

This little Shinto shrine is right next door to the Villa Fontaine hotel I stayed at. From what I could find out, it would be dedicated to the god Inarai.

minato 3

One of two kitsune there. This one may have a "jewel" in it's mouth.

minato 4

This one perhaps has a scroll it it's mouth. It was really nice to see this every day.

minato 5

Lots of modern office buildings but they still use older styled design for some places.

minato 8

I don't know what the sign says or how old it is, perhaps it has something to do with Tokyo Harbor? I do find interesting how they curved the street in to accommodate keeping the sign there.

minato 10

Love the mix of the older buildings with the new ones.

minato 12

Even with all the modern buildings there still is a love of nature. Wonderful color from that very large tree.

minato 15

In the middle of it all came across another shrine. A landscaped island in a sea of concrete.

minato 18

This is Kura Inari Daimyojin Shinto Shrine 蔵稲荷大明神. At the top are two kitsune statues. There was a Satsuma Clan warehouse in this area during the Edo period so it's thought the shrine may have been connected to that.

minato 19

This one though is the Fushimi Sanpo Inari shrine. It's located next to the World Wildlife Fund and other office buildings. It's also Shinto and dedicated to the god Inari. The roof is copper. Light was not great so I didn't get decent photos. Here's a wiki article about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fushimi_Sanp%C5%8D_Inari_Shrine

minato 24

Ginkgo trees in Shiba-koen. I will have more from this park.

minato 25

One of my favorite things to see there was this, Tokyo Tower. I was too tired to go up the hill but one can enjoy it without doing that. I ended up getting the Nano Blocks kit for it as a souvenir of the trip.

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