Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hoju-in Temple in Minato, Tokyo, Japan

If you have been checking out my posts of my December trip to Tokyo, I apologize for not posting sooner. This time it was because I needed to find out just what this little shrine area in Shiba-koen was.

Hoju-in 1

Hoju-in 2

Hoju-in is right across the street from Tokyo Tower. Although it's rather hard to find English information on-line about it. However that's one of the things I like about Japan, stumbling on interesting little places and then finding out just what they are.

Hoju-in 3

The nice thing about Minato in Tokyo is they have websites with good information also in English. It's where I found out about the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune (Shichi-fukujin) and their temples which are found through out Minato.

hoju-in 6

Hoju-in Temple is for Benzai-ten, the Lucky Goddess of the arts and monitory fortune.

Hoju-in 5

Hoju-in 7

This may be the hall there that houses a statue of Emma-Daio, judge of the dead. (I can't help but think of Hell Girl once I found this out).

Hoju-in 4

There are a few small shrines there.

Hoju-in 8

Hoju-in 9

Snakes are associated with the goddess Benzaiten. It is said she can assume the shape of a snake or dragon, or that a snake is her messenger. So it's good to see this snake is well tended to with a fresh cup of sake.

Hoju-in 10

As is this Jizo Bosatsu, protector of children.

Hoju-in 11

I did find out an interesting story about the frog. He might represent Gama-ike. It seems there once was a large fire in the area and a large frog leaped out of a pond and extinguished the flames with his breath. The actual pond is in Moto-Azuba and is fed by a natural spring. It was almost destroyed recently by construction but they built around it. Gama-ike is a protector for burns.

Hoju-in 12

Just past the shrines is a pond, Benten-ike.

Hoju-in 13

Hoju-in 14

Benzai-ten was originally a river goddess which is why there is a water feature here. It was quite lovely to see.

Hoju-in 15

Walking along the turning leaves of Autumn. Which I will share next post exploring Shiba-koen park. Thank you for looking at my entry here.

Updating this post because I discovered that Google Maps put a name with this temple. Hoshuin. Not sure if that is correct so I will keep the original spelling for the post and just add Hoshuin to my tags.

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