Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harajuku by day

harajuku 1

This would have been 12/4/10 and that would be Harajuku Station. As much as I like the ability to use trains and subways in Japan, the Yamanote Line is not one of my favorites. But it got me to Harajuku.

harajuku 2

Amazing it was December and trees were still just starting to change color.

harajuku 3

But as nice as the trees were, the purpose of coming to Harajuku was to shop. I did pass on the hats and slippers at The Gap.

harajuku 4

And this meet and greet at Johnny's.

harajuku 5

I did go into the two Volks stores but passed on buying anything at that time.

harajuku 6

Also passed on checking out Topshop but I may try to get there next time.

harajuku 7

Passed on H&M because we have them here. Nice view though looking down Meiji Dori.

harajuku 8

Because I needed to be here.

harajuku 10

In front of LaForet. Great place to people watch btw.

harajuku 12

So that I could have this! Part of a very nice lunch with Kara-age and good conversation was a lot of fun!

harajuku 14

But wait, there was more. Yes one of my goals for the trip was to be able to gaze upon racks and racks of wonderful clothing. And make my credit card squeal. Which it did. But this wasn't all.

harajuku 13

Because down these stairs and through that door was even more amazingness *which isn't a word but it so describes how I felt*

Yes I got to also go to hEAVEN, one of the other h.NAOTO stores in Harajuku. Sadly they closed the store not long after this and moved everything to LaForet. But at least I got a great tour with my friend Kate and was able to meet the Sixh. guys. IBI, Nari and later Mint. Plus see the infamous back of the register liquor. It all exceeded my expectations.

harajuku 15

Oh yeah, this is the door handle inside the dressing room at the now closed hEAVEN. I could not resist.

Later we went over the LaForet for more h.NAOTO and shopping. Perhaps I will post some of my finds later in the Ethereal Spirits blog. Definitely my most favorite shopping day ever.

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