Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Harajuku at Night

A few more photos, mostly of Takeshita Dori and crepes. Really I need to try more crepes in Japan.

harajuku 16

harajuku 17

Maybe I should have started with this one. For this woman was wearing what must have been the fashion trend of the moment. Thigh high boots, shorts and big hair.

harajuku 18

They still have the signage on the windows. Two years later.

harajuku 19

To refresh, we procured crepes.

harajuku 20

So many choices.

harajuku 21

Plus special ones for the holidays.

harajuku 22

If I ever get plastic food I have decided it must be of a crepe.

harajuku 25

Bad photo I know. But one must have evidence. Crepe was good.

harajuku 26

A lot of lights and a lot of pink stores and signs.

harajuku 27

I had to take a photo of the rabbit.

harajuku 28

Back of Takeshita Dori sign.

harajuku 30

Front of Takeshita Dori sign.

harajuku 32

And the view from the station. Despite the crowds and having a narly sore throat, I really like wandering around Harajuku.

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