Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A new day in a new place

tokyo 12 3 b

I wish this was my bathroom. This is actually the very nice bathroom at the Hotel Villa Fontaine Hamamatsucho. Nothing like a deep bath tub!

tokyo 12 3 a

Not that exciting but here is the bed. Which was a bit hard but sleeping on top of part of the comforter helped. Must remember to ask for a second one next time. Also important is my much used traveling companion, the Tokyo City Atlas. Number one thing to bring to Tokyo.

tokyo 12 3 c

Ah yeah.

tokyo 12 3 d

The lovely view outside my window. It was kind of fun to see the salary men hard at work. I did make sure to keep my drapes closed, didn't want to distract them from their work by accidentally flashing them.

tokyo 12 3 e

And the view below. I guess one gets over the fear of showing your drying underwear to the office folk.

tokyo 12 3 f

So first full day in Tokyo and I am off. This is Shibaura Unga canal coming off of Tokyo Bay.

tokyo 12 3 g

I find the little details interesting. Like these pavers on the way to Hinode Station.

tokyo 12 3 h

Opposite direction of Shibaura Unga Canal on the way to Hinode Station.

tokyo 12 3 i

One of the things I like about Tokyo is how you can come across art work when you least expect it. This is the side of the Art Hotel in Hamamatsucho.

tokyo 12 3 j

Looks interesting both in person and on their web site. I will have to check it out more. However right next to the train tracks.

tokyo 12 3 k

Hinode Station on the New Transit Yurikamome Line. Which is an automated transit service. Very cool to ride in.

tokyo 12 3 l

Inside Hinode Station.

tokyo 12 3 m

Looking back at part of the Tokyo Skyline.

tokyo 12 3 n

And Rainbow Bridge. Something I need to look into, better places to take photos of the bridge.

tokyo 12 3 o

So just where was I going? Over there, Odaiba Island.

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