Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is going to Tokyo a good excuse?

For not blogging more?

tokyo 12 1 a

So going to recap my trip to Tokyo a bit. A bit of an explanation about the photos I guess. Starting with Dec. 1st. As for this first one, it's a meal from Singapore Airlines. Actually, it was at LAX where they were having their 30th Anniversary. So they had cake and VPs and gift bags with commemorative t-shirts. The flight was even better. I had a whole row to myself and the row in front of me was also empty. Given how discounted my tickets were, I'm surprised more people weren't on the plane.

As for the Kit Kat, it's a Hersey's one. I saved it and compared it with a Nestle's one in Tokyo. I have to say the Nestle's chocolate is just a bit darker and richer.

tokyo 12 1 b

Just a few photos from the flight as we took off. Below is Dockweiler Beach which I've taken photos from the ground. Great to see it from the air. Palos Verdes is in the distance. The vacant lots are Palisades del Rey or Surfridge. Interesting story that this much land is vacant along the California coast. Homes were constructed here in the 1920's but once LAX grew starting in the 1960s, the homes were purchased under eminent domain and demolished. The area is now fenced off.

tokyo 12 1 c

This is past Catalina Island. The island to the left is Santa Barbara Island. It was so clear the other day I could see it from land. The island on the right is very interesting. It is San Nicolas Island. I found out last night this is where the story occurred that "Island of the Blue Dolphins" was based on. I will just link to a page about the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island. Interesting to read this after all these years.


tokyo 12 1 d

Port Hueneme from the air.

tokyo 12 1 e

Anacapa Island. One of the Chanel Islands of California.

tokyo 12 1 f

Santa Cruz Island.

tokyo 12 1 g

Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Island. Just a few of the islands off our coast.

I'm going to try and keep these from being too long. Next will be hanging out in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

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