Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, November 14, 2010

So you want to see another one of those crazy places I go to?

sanrio 50th 32

Saturday was a day that I wish I could have been cloned. But given bfriend's schedule I was reduced to only going to one of the many places I wants to go. However, it was a most interesting place.

sanrio 50th 4

We wander over to the Santa Monica Airport and try to find the Baker Hanger. Seeing this little Smart Car in the parking lot might mean we were in the right place.

sanrio 50th 5

Why, the entrance looks so small...

sanrio 50th 6

Until you go inside.

sanrio 50th 8

So much to see, starting with this miniature golf course.

sanrio 50th 9

Which hardly no one was playing. I like the fabric trees there.

sanrio 50th 12

Yeah there were these giant balloons.

sanrio 50th 7

sanrio 50th 18

And more Smart Cars. I think I would take the black one if I had to drive one.

sanrio 50th 33

Display cases with bling and more. Didn't make it in the pop-up store there because the wait in line was over two hours. Ouch.

sanrio 50th 10

There were carnival booths and a craft area.

sanrio 50th 13

sanrio 50th 2

sanrio 50th 15

sanrio 50th 14

Places for people to take photos.

sanrio 50th 16

I like this one a lot. Check out the people's faces, especially the little girl. I think she was eyeballing that Hello Kitty something fierce.

sanrio 50th 34

She could have got one of her own, except the claw machines were not being very nice. At least the one below wasn't.

sanrio 50th 29

But I beat the other one just so Hello Kitty could play tour guide. I think she wants to show something over here.

sanrio 50th 31

Oh yeah, there was also a Ferris Wheel.

sanrio 50th 19

They even had pink clouds in the sky just for Hello Kitty.

sanrio 50th 35

So that is the end of this part of Saturday at the Sanrio Anniversary Event in Santa Monica.

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