Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Monday, November 1, 2010

I had an interesting Halloween day

Olvera St 14

I finally got to go to an event that I've been wanting to go to for a very long time

Olvera St 13

We went to Olvera Street in Los Angeles.

Olvera St 7

Actually we didn't just go there. First was Carroll Street in Angelenos Heights. Then to Olvera Street and finally Union Station.

Olvera St 4

But since today is part of Dia de los Muertos, I will just focus on that with a few photos from Olvera Street. The area was very festive with personal altars ringing the bandstand at La Plaza Park. Maharachi played and traditional dancers danced while people watched.

Olvera St 2

Part of the Pico House is used as a museum to display art. There were more traditional altars there like this Chinese Lucky Feast

Olvera St 1

and this less traditional "art toy" altar "Enlightened Chou" by Gary Baseman.

Olvera St 11

If you go to Olvera Street it may look like a lot of kitsch stuff for sale and not much else. But if you look closer and deeper, one can find more relevant and interesting things about the Street, the area and the people that lived there.

Olvera St 10

But this is about Dia de los Muertos so get a sugar skull, make an altar.

Sing and party a bit,

Olvera St 12

and have some fun!

Olvera St 6

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