Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Having a bit of an issue with photos on here. Not to worry, it's due to me having to change my visibility settings on Flickr. I had someone not just steal a photo from there but put it on Tumblr and then a hundred or more people reblogged that.

With no credit to me at all anywhere.

The original person removed it after I contacted them and Tumblr. But in the meantime I set the viewing to friends and contacts on Flickr.

I had a long thinking session about photos and the internet. While I'm not up with people taking other people's photos and art and failing to give credit, I realize it happens. A lot. What got me is the fact that my photo was reblogged many times from the original Tumblr account. That is bothersome.

While I still have some misgivings I realized I don't want to just give up nor am I going to totally give in. I am not okaying anyone to take my photos but I am going to have the understanding that it can happen. So I'm not going to put as many on-line.

Anyway I did change the viewing access back to everyone but it failed to update on my blogs so I have to go in and re-paste each photo's information. Sad to say that this will take some time.

Thanks person who thought my Halloween Krispy Kreme donut photo looked so good you had to use it without permission.

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