Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I will admit

That I need to try more foods from different places. So with that in mind and being a birthday celebration, we went out for my second round of Korean BBQ. My first time was a nice but late meal in Tokyo.

Shilla sign

This second time was much closer to home. Stilla Korean BBQ in Gardena, Calif. to be exact. Not hard to find.

Shilla 2

With that sign and rather decorative building.

Shilla 4

Shilla ceiling

Inside was even nicer.

Shilla 7

So a bit of Dassai sake and the introduction of condiments and the lighting of the grill, we were about to be served a feast!

Shilla 9

First they brought out side dishes of potatoes, rice noodles and green salad.

Shilla 10

Then kimchee and glass noodles with mayo, sort of a slaw salad.

Shilla 11

And then even more dishes! Spicy pickles, a bit of vegetables and a bean sprout dish. I had no idea we would get all this with just getting their BBQ. There was also a rather spicy vegetable soup.

shilla 12

Also included was this bubbling hot chawanmushi dish. There was so much steam from it all my photos of it look foggy.

Shilla shrimp

But what about the BBQ? Well there was very nice shrimp with a bit of cantaloupe.

shilla chicken

Although their Sweet Teriyaki Chicken was the crowd pleasure of the night.


  1. Oooh, these pictures make me so hungry! Korean food is very tasty. It's cool that you're branching out. :)

    (btw, the little dishes are called panchan and Korean restaurants will traditionally serve several along with the meal.)

  2. Thank you caerbannog! Yes it's quite fun to try different cuisines, hoping to find something else good soon!