Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I needed some Halloween spirit

So Friday we did something silly considering Obama was in town and traffic was a bear. We drove out to Burbank because it was Black Phoenix Alchemy Will Call for Halloween. I threw on some h.NAOTO clothing and my new Dolce Vita boots and went in search of anything remotely Halloweenish.

Halloween Town

Think I found it?

Halloween Town 2

Part of the window display for Halloween Town. No photos allowed inside but just as well because it was busy!

Randomly I decided we should try a restaurant across the street because I have this strange ability to find good food most of the time.

Bella Vista

Didn't fail me this time. Bella Vista in Burbank was so retro Italian restaurant right down to leather on the bathroom doors. I knew it had to be cool when the host asked how many and then said "Two? Right over here" and shrugged and pointed over his shoulder.

Bella Vista veg lasagna

Sorry the lighting was low so photos not so great but I had to get one of the best vegetarian lasagna I have ever eaten. I am really looking forward to going back for more!

bpal Halloween 2010

I have to admit every time we go to that part of the Valley we end up having trouble finding places. This time Google failed because they have the old address for Dark Delicacies. But at their old location is a comic book store that just happens to be run by the kids of the Dark Delicacies owners so we were in luck. (Another one of my inspired decisions to ask them). BPAL Will Calls are now held at Dark Delicacies book store and it's a much better location. Still was a lot of people there and so many scents to try out!

So this is a shot of what I bought and what was in my goodie bag. There was a Libertarian in there but I gave it away. My only regret of the night was that they aren't selling The Heraeon of Argos separately. Oh well.

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