Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy 75th Anniversary Kit Kat!

I've been holding out. I take lots of photos but often feel too tired to post. But then it's all worked out for this one post.

framboise kitkat 2

Hope you don't mind me sharing just a few of the different Japanese Kit Kats I was able to try during the year.

framboise kitkat

First is my favorite. These came out around Valentines Day. Found a few more at a store yesterday. Chocolate and raspberry. Delicious!



Right around winter last year was when these Roasted Sweet Potato Kit Kats showed up. The red packets had regular chocolate Kit Kats and the yellow packets were the Roasted Sweet Potato. I wasn't that impressed with those but I know other people liked them.

royalmilktea kitkat

Royal Milk Tea. I got this back when I also tried their Milk Coffee one. I think for people who like these drinks they would enjoy these. B loves Royal Milk Tea and was more than happy to finish this one up.

richchocolate kitkat

richchocolate kitkat 2

Melt In Your Mouth Kit Kat came out at the Holidays. Pocky also had a richer chocolate offering then. I can say these were really good. A little darker and richer cocoa than regular Kit Kat.

greenteasakura kitkat

greenteasakura kitkat 2

Spring brought these Sakura Matcha Kit Kats. I might have posted these before. Interesting aftertaste. I have a theory that they flavor most of these Japanese Kit Kats a bit more because they are meant to be eaten when having tea. The stronger sweeter taste helps counter the bitterness of the tea. And yes, this one was pink inside.

raspberrypassionfruit kitkat

raspberrypassionfruit kitkat 2

Raspberry and Passionfruit was a limited Valentine Day Kit Kat. I was really happy when I found these at the store. Discovered the color of the box didn't make a difference, they were the same. Similar to the later Framboise but a little more sour tasting and with dark chocolate. Also pretty delicious.

banana kitkat

banana kitkat 2

I'm weird, I like the Banana Kit Kats. They have a decent banana taste and smell. I don't know if it's the white chocolate or the flavoring that has a bit of an aftertaste, but then most of these have that. I think for the white chocolate Kit Kats I've tried I like this one the best.

blueberry kitkat

A more recent offering, Blueberry Kit Kats. These aren't as strong flavored as some of the bigger Kit Kats. The blueberry flavoring works well with the milk chocolate. I still see these in the stores.

bitteralmond kitkat

bitteralmond kitkat 2

Most recent are these Bitter Almond Kit Kats. I would have to say these along with the Semi-Sweet Kit Kats are my favorite dark chocolate Kit Kats. These have little bits of almond in them which gives them a little texture besides the cookie. Really good and also still around.

I can say I didn't try all the kinds that I saw in the stores. I had to pass on the Ginger Ale and the Mixed Fruit. Beyond that, I'd say I was really lucky to be able to sample all that I did!

Forgot to put a link! I've submitted this to the August J-Festa and you can see all the other great food posts here. Take a look if you can.


  1. Ginger Ale Kit Kat? x_x

    I like a lot of these, but I've gotta agree that the sweet potato ones didn't put me in the right mood either.

    A good post for the August J-Festa!

  2. Thank you angrygaijin. I have heard some people like the Ginger Ale ones but I didn't. I did like the Caramel pudding ones though!

  3. Wow, those are a lot of Kit-Kats! We were in Japan this past March (2011) as well - 2 weeks after the Tsunami, and we tried to get our hands on as many regional kit-kats as well. We didn't find too many fruit-flavoured ones however... great post! :)

  4. And there are a lot more Claudine! I know at least in Tokyo there weren't many to find after the disasters, not even at Narita International. Sounds like you had better luck!