Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Had the urge to cook something

So decided to try one of the Washoku Warrior challenges and use a bit of fish I have in the freezer. The stores around me offer really great fish at some pretty decent prices so my freezer is a bit stocked up. I decided to go with Citrus and Soy Glazed Swordfish (Kajiki Maguro no Yuan Yaki). Since I'm not a fan of the swordfish around here, I went with Yellowtail (buri). This recipe is from Elizabeth Andoh's "Washoku" cook book.

citrusfish skillet

So here is the yellowtail grilling up in a glaze which includes lime juice, soy sauce, sugar and a bit of dashi. Prior to this the fish marinates in sake, lime juice, soy sauce and mirin. The lime replaces yuzu, which is a bit expensive where I live so lime it was with lemon zest for garnish.


Here is the fish plated up with the lemon zest. This was a very nice way to cook it. I could even see using this recipe to make grilled fish for tacos. Yup, I am totally into working out some Mexican dishes with a Japanese flair.


Since I was making this for lunch, I decided to go with Hijiki no ni Mono or Braised Sea Vegetable as one of the side dishes. I used a recipe from Elizabeth Andoh's "At Home with Japanese Cooking" which I got from the library. I hope I can try a few more out before returning it. Hijiki is a very dark sea vegetable which goes well with carrots. It is sauteed with soy sauce, sugar, sake and dashi. The taste ends up being a little salty and sweet. I like this as it is here or cold in bento.


Here is the finished product! I also made Shiro Miso Soup with Daikon. That I will post about later. If I was to add anything to this meal it would be a small plate of pickles and a bowl of rice. Possibly a salad too. But I wanted something simple yet tasty and this worked out quite well. It was so good!

The Washoku Warriors' Challenge post for this month is here: washoku-warriors-challenge-9-spring-fever

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