Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am hungry now...

I've been neglecting this blog, and then when I post it's in the middle of the night. But it's for a good reason. It's the first anniversary of Presto Pasta Nights and I am happy to participate there every now and again.

So for their anniversary I give you one of my most favorite dishes ever.


My grilled salmon with fettuchini alfredo. It's simple but tastes so good. I actually don't use cream with the pasta. I find I like the stronger taste of the cheeses without it.


I have a bad feeling I am going to be making this very very soon.

Happy Anniversary to Presto Pasta Nights! I like the way you do things!

Presto Pasta Nights

eta: Here's the food! once upon a feast presto pasta

Now I gotta go take a picture of some food.


  1. Julie, thanks so much for sharing your favorite pasta with PResto Pasta Nights...which is actually THREE!, hard as that is to believe.

    And I do hope to see you and your tasty treats back often.

  2. fettuccine alfredo actually doesn't traditionally have cream in it! So this is more Italian than is served in most Italian restaurants! Looks delicious. I love that you included the salmon with it.

  3. Thanks Ruth and Joanne! I didn't know that about the alfredo, that is cool since I'm not into the creamery sauces.