Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Watch out at Trader Joe's Markets

Now I know Trader Joe's markets aren't everywhere. I personally like them very much. I've been shopping at various locations for decades.

Except today was different. Today I was asked for my zip code by the checker. So what happened?

The total for one bag of groceries (no wine or other expensive food) was over $30. Luckily I was looking at that little screen that shows what the checker is ringing up. On there was $8.99 for a plant. Yes a plant.

Seems when they put in my zip code it thought I was buying something. I had to say something twice to the checker before he even bothered to look. He then turned to another employee who said "Oh yeah that's happening."

So they know there is a problem, they know they are charging customers more than should, they know it's because they are entering zip codes. Yet they haven't fixed the problem? They are still entering zip codes? Makes me wonder how many people have been over charged and didn't know about it?

All I can suggest is don't give out your zip code. If they ever ask me again I am going to refuse and tell them why. I can't afford to be ripped off this way. Because they know what is going on and still do it, they are ripping people off.

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