Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A weekend to look forward to!

Well, sometimes life makes one have to spend more time dealing with it. Like taking care of sick kitties and other things. But did get a break this weeked. Got to go someplace I've wanted to go for a while. Saturday we were able to go to the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Will Call. Interesting place but no photos allowed. Also rather crowded, so much so couldn't sniff any of the samples. But did get to buy the scented oils I wanted so that was all good.

Later that night we headed over to another place I wanted to try out.


It was a rather interesting sushi bar experience. Very small place in Torrance, Calif. After being there, I think most of their business is take-out. It seemed like they weren't use to people sitting at the sushi bar and ordering a few pieces at a time. But I will say the food was pretty darn good and fresh and at a reasonable price. First time for trying abalone, different but not something I will probably order again. I love sitting at a sushi bar and watching the chefs work. This place I think it was just the husband while the wife handled taking orders and getting drinks.


So Sunday morning turns out we were pretty darn hungry even though we ate a lot of sushi. Headed out to another place I wanted to try for a few years.


This is King's Hawaiian Restaurant also in Torrance, Calif. Unusual architecture for the building. Many of the "rooms" are round.


Yes, they are the people that make all that bread.


King's Hawaiian Restaurant

The decor is interesting. This is suppose to be a giant pineapple.

King's Hawaiian Blueberry Muffin

Yes, they have great muffins!

King's Hawaiian Pancakes

Boyfriend's breakfast.

King's Hawaiian French Toast Breakfast

And mine, their French Toast. So good. The eggs were cooked just right with a nice buttery taste. Those are turkey sausages btw. Definitely good food at a decent price. Very filling, don't think I'm going to eat the rest of the week!

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